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At The Muscle Book, we know that finding the right information on diet, training, and supplementation can be quite a difficult task.

Our goal is to help our readers with this exhausting endeavor by creating detailed, honest, and transparent (quality) content that can help them make a quick and informed decision.

Our website features a wide selection of quality information that will help anyone -regardless of their goal and fitness experience- build their physique and enhance their health in every way possible.

Our articles aren't just restricted to the English language as we also have a growing selection of articles written in Spanish that athletes from other parts of the world can enjoy.

Let's take a quick look at everything that you'll be able to find on the website. Are you ready? Let's get started!

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At The Muscle Book, we are huge bodybuilding fans.

This is why you'll be able to find a ton of articles on the sport/lifestyle when browsing our blog.

Although professional bodybuilding gives us plenty to talk about; we are also passionate about natural bodybuilding and fitness in general.

Expect an interesting mix of bodybuilding & fitness content that will give you something entertaining to read while you learn how to tackle your objectives and transform physique. 

Unlike other bodybuilding & fitness outlets that are directed entirely towards men; we pride ourselves on generating content made just for women.

Thousands of women joint the fitness movement every single day; as they push towards strengthening their bodies and clearing their minds.

We are fully aware that female bodybuilding is growing at an exponential rate, and we want to be part of it.


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“Before The Muscle Book was envisioned and brought to life; we saw that detailed and honest reviews on supplements were surprisingly hard to come by.

Plus, most reviews only covered mainstream supplements that had already been talked about and discussed a million times.

For this reason, we set out to find the best supplements -that you probably haven't heard of- and review them to the best of our ability.”


Max Gains

Max Gains

Max Gains has earned itself an astonishing reputation as one of the best new supplement brands; dedicated to creating natural anabolic alternatives.

Although the company caters to demanding athletes; anyone with the desire to enhance their physical appearance and performance will definitely want to read up on these supplements.

Max Gains keeps things simple and doesn't overdo it with crazy labels of claims.

Their formulas are completely transparent and arguably some of the best (strongest) on the market while being attractively priced.

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Crazy Bulk

Crazy Bulk

It’s easy to understand why people were skeptical of the Crazy Bulk product line when it first came out.

These supplements, called “legal steroids”, claim to mimic the effects of anabolic steroids by combining different natural ingredients with muscle-building and fat-burning properties.

As many of us know, quality supplements are natural and won't normally cause any side effects.

A legal steroid is nothing more than a stronger bodybuilding supplement.

This makes Crazy Bulk legal steroids, in particular, a solid choice for beginner and intermediate athletes/bodybuilders.

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Marine Muscle

Marine Supplements

If you’re looking for some of the strongest legal steroids available today; you’re looking at them.

Marine Muscle contains high doses of potent ingredients and hormone precursors like Androstenolone that will allow you to push your body to greater heights.

Marine Muscle's formulas are noticeably stronger than the ones found in Crazy Bulk and that's why they're better suited for advanced athletes.

Marine Muscle is a USA exclusive that can't be purchased in other countries due to the restricted status of some of its ingredients.

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Blackwolf Workout 


What can we say about Black Wolf supplements other than they're as close to perfection as a sports supplement gets?

Blackwolf ticks all the right boxes and excels at creating a balanced product that appeals to everyone.

The creators like to keep things simple and that's why they only offer two stacks; one just for men and one just for women.

Each stack contains a pre-workout, an intra-workout, and a post-workout. You can also acquire each supplement individually.

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Exercise and nutrition are the most important aspects of a bodybuilding lifestyle.

A healthy diet is nothing unless it's used alongside a smart training plan, and vice-versa.

If you browse our training and nutrition sections – you'll undoubtedly come across our growing article selection that can benefit athletes of all levels.

Want biceps like Arnold Schwarzenegger or a huge back like Ronnie Coleman's? We have you covered.

Don't know what intermittent fasting is and how it works? We have an article on that too!

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