Anavar Side Effects

Anavar Side Effects And Brief History

Anavar (Oxandrolone) is a popular oral steroid that's commonly used by men and women for bodybuilding-related purposes. Originally, it was introduced as a pharmaceutical drug in the United states in 1964. The scientists who discovered it and brought it to life; observed that the produced Anavar side effects were highly anabolic with relatively low androgenic reactions.

Anavar would later be successfully used to treat serious conditions such as Turner Syndrome, Muscle-Wasting, Osteoporosis – Hypogonadism, Hepatitis, and Anemia. In recent years, medical professionals have opted to replace it with Human Growth Hormone (HGH). Out of medicine, Oxandrolone is illegal to use in many countries – including the USA, United Kingdom, and Canada.Oxandrolone structure

Even though Anavar is illegal and dangerous – it's commonly used around the world for performance enhancement purposes. Its powerful anabolic properties and low androgenic effects make it a very popular steroid in the black market. In bodybuilding, men and women frequently use it to promote increased muscle building and fat loss during cutting cycles.


Anavar is a pretty interesting steroid, and as popular as it is – you don't really hear much about it. Let's face it – when we hear someone talk about steroids; the last thing that comes to mind is Anavar. In theory, this probably happens because it doesn't have the reputation that other popular hormones have.

Oxandrolone isn't the most powerful steroid, nor is it the most dangerous. A lot of athletes like using it because it produces “good-enough” results while avoiding placing “too much stress” on their health. This steroid is taken orally, which saves them the trouble of having to inject themselves frequently. Due to its relatively well-mannered nature – it's become a fan favorite among female bodybuilders.

Anavar Side Effects

Although there's a big percentage of men that use it; it's mostly considered a female steroid. Those who utilize it for performance enhancement have experienced an increase in muscular development and improved hardness. Something else that's quite interesting is the fact that even though it's an oral steroid; its hepatoxicity is milder when compared to other orals.

Popularly, a lot of bodybuilders use Anavar during their cutting cycles so they can maintain lean muscle mass and strength; while ridding their body of excess fat. Due to its “milder” nature, some athletes commonly use it for up to ten consecutive weeks. Just to put this into perspective; Anadrol (a popular oral steroid) tends to be used for a maximum of four weeks.

Health Issues

In bodybuilding culture, Oxandrolone is often praised for its strong benefits and mild side effects. If you look at it on paper; it actually looks almost too good to be true. But, we all know what they say about that, right? The funny thing is that although Anavar isn't as “bad” as other oral steroids – it's still a handful. A quick online search will bring up the following common side effects associated with its use:

  • Low Libido
  • Vomiting
  • Acne
  • Infertility
  • Reduced Testosterone Production In Men
  • Virilization In Women

As with all steroids, the results that Anadrol can produce will highly depend on the person that uses it. Some people will experience almost no side effects while others can be subjected to all of them. Regardless of how mild or dangerous an anabolic steroid may be – its potential benefits will never justify the health issues that it can generate.

If you search a little deeper online, you will also come across other side effects that aren't often talked about. Users have experienced intense muscle spasms, plaque buildup, kidney issues – and drastic changes in their cholesterol levels. Some advanced bodybuilders have claimed that it's not worth the hassle and advise against its use.

The Truth

No matter how dangerous Performance Enhancement Drugs are; there will always be people out there who will justify their use. Even though there's no denying that steroids are very powerful substances that have the potential to completely transform the human body – their benefits will always come at a very high price.

The sad thing about steroid use is that the results that it can generate are nothing else but temporary. It's humanly impossible to achieve extreme levels of muscular development and strength in a short time frame. This is why -and it's been mentioned in out other steroid articles- all results that are generated from performance-enhancing drugs are only temporary.

Oral Steroid Pill

As soon as the body stops receiving exogenous hormones; it will lose all of its progress and will inevitably go back to looking like normal. If this weren't enough – the human body will also need an external source of hormones (HRT) so it can begin to function semi-normally.

Someone who abuses these substances for years can't realistically expect to maintain the same quality of life that he (or she) had before beginning to use anabolics. Add the short-term and long-term health issues that can present themselves and you have yourself a very unfavorable situation that can't be reversed.

Natural Alternatives

As far as performance enhancement goes; there are plenty of ways to improve one's physique without having to resort to steroid use. Although it's impossible to duplicate the effects of synthetic hormones naturally – there's a lot that can be done to get close. An intense weight training program that's combined with a healthy diet, a cardiovascular routine, and balanced supplementation plan –  will undoubtedly make a positive impact on the human body.

Building a physique naturally that looks amazing takes a lot of time, hard work, and good genetics – that's why a lot of people choose the easy way out and enhance their bodies. There's plenty of folks out there (men and women) who have built incredible physiques naturally through years of hard training and meticulous planning. Some have created physiques that are so good that they often get accused of not being natural.

Anavar Supplement

If your ultimate goal is to build a strong, healthy, and functional body; stop looking at steroids and instead focus on doing in naturally. You will learn a lot during this process and the end result will be a lot more rewarding. As long as you train hard and eat smart; you will be bound to see constant and progressive results for as long as you practice the sport.

Even though supplements aren't really needed for building a good physique – a lot of athletes take comfort in knowing that they can naturally improve their performance through the various types of sports supplements that are available. We recently reviewed a legal Anavar alternative that combines different natural supplements to create a great all-natural formula. If you are interested in reading the review, click here.