Beach Body Cutting Cycle with Crazy Bulk

What Is the Beach Body Cutting Cycle from Crazy Bulk?

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I want to start things out by saying that I did my best to make this review as simple and informative as possible.

Hopefully, the review doesn't bore you too much and helps you make an informed decision that can help you with your bodybuilding-related goals.

cutting stack

The simple answer to the above question (what is the beach body cutting cycle from crazy bulk?) is actually pretty simple.

The beach body cutting cycle is a plan that's designed to help you become leaner in as little as four weeks.

Crazy Bulk recommends undergoing an eight-week cycle for best results, but – there's nothing wrong with starting out slow.

The Plan

The Beach Body Cutting Cycle is a fancy name that I gave to the eight-week plan that was designed and brought to life by Crazy Bulk; the company that produces the products used for this cycle.

Beach body cutting cycle sounds a lot better than just calling it “the cutting cycle” – don't you think?

4 week cycle

The plan is designed to work with company's best-selling cutting stack that's popularly used by bodybuilders (male and female), to maintain their muscular development while they lean out for a competition.

The stack can have a great impact on the athlete's physique and help him/her become leaner in a shorter amount of time, with less effort.

8 week cycle

It’s worth mentioning that any type of bodybuilding supplement will only work when it's combined with a proper diet and exercise plan.

What's Included?

When you purchase the cutting stack so you can begin your 4-week cycle, you receive exactly what's pictured above.

This means that for $184.99, you'll receive a month's supply of Anvarol, Testo Max, Clenbutrol, and Winsol. 

recommended cycle

A good amount of people usually take advantage of the “buy two stacks get the third one free” discount, so they can do a twelve-week cycle.

Although you could also do this; a month's supply should be more than enough to get the ball rolling and see how your body responds. 

What Does Each Legal Steroid Do?


A safe and legal alternative to the powerful anabolic steroid Anavar; Anvarol is perfect for dieting due to its lean muscle retention capabilities.

It does an awesome job of helping the human body maintain its strength and energy levels throughout a cut.

Testo Max

A legal steroid that replicates the anabolic effects of Testosterone. Testo Max is widely used by bodybuilders and strength athletes.

If you want to get stronger, increase your natural testosterone levels, accelerate muscle building -and improve your sex drive; this is a must-have.


Powerful fat burner and thermogenic that replicates the effects of Clenbuterol; an anabolic compound that's popularly used in cutting cycles.

Clenbutrol excels at raising the body’s Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) and improving its overall cardiovascular capabilities.


Mimics the benefits of Winstrol; the world's most popular cutting PED.

Winsol can greatly reduce water retention; giving the muscles a dense and shredded appearance with improved vascularity.

Why Is It so Popular?

A lot of companies have come and gone over the course of time but Crazy Bulk has always managed to stay on top.

I think that a lot of this has to do with the simple (but crucial) fact that they understand their customers very well.

They know that a lot of serious athletes want to up their game without having to think about using performance enhancement drugs.

cutting cycle testimonials

Crazy Bulk created an alternative to both supplements and steroids that falls somewhere in between.

All Crazy Bull products are 100% natural and safe to use by anyone who is over the age of eighteen and in good health.

Just make sure that you're not allergic to any of the ingredients or that they're banned by your athletic federation.

Avoiding Confusion 

One of the biggest negatives associated with this cycle/plan is that a lot of people become confused with the term “legal steroid”.question mark

Some guys (and gals) believe that a legal steroid is just that; an anabolic steroid that's sold legally, online.

The term legal steroid is given to a new and improved form of bodybuilding supplementation that aims to replicate the benefits of a given anabolic steroid.

If you look at the products contained in the cutting stack that we've been talking about; you'll see that all the supplements are similarly named to an anabolic hormone.

This makes it easier for the athlete to know what product does what and who it intends to compete against.

I know that some people find this annoying but I personally think that it's actually clever and it simplifies the buying process.

Does It Actually Work?

Does the cutting stack work? Well, it will ultimately depend on who you ask.

If you ask the guy who decided to buy crazy bulk but doesn't exercise and eats junk food all day; the answer will definitely be no.

Chandler Results

If you ask a gal who watches her diet and kills it at the gym every day, while using the same supplement stack; the answer will most definitely be a yes.

In order for any supplement to work you need to eat right and work out hard. Supplements aren't magic pills.

Let's Talk About the Good and the Bad

I pretty much already covered everything that you should know about the subject but there's one last topic that I want to talk about.

I think that it's safe to say that nothing in this world is perfect, and well… the cutting cycle that I'm reviewing isn't either.

Even though I think that it's a solid choice for natural athletes and gym goers; some bodybuilders might find the formulas a bit mild-mannered.

good and bad

The product formulas are -in my opinion- perfect for people who haven't been using supplements for decades and who've built up a strong tolerance to them.

Those who've actually used sports supplements for a very long time will probably want to look at other options.

I wouldn't necessarily call this a negative but it's definitely worth mentioning for those with a serious tolerance to these types of products.

Buying Online, Free Shipping, and Limited Discounts

If you want to give the beach body cutting cycle a try, you can start by learning more about the Crazy Bulk cutting stack directly from the company's website.

The full cycle requires that you use the stack for eight weeks but you can always start out slow and begin with a four-week cycle.

A four-week cycle costs $184.99 while an eight-week cycle would require two stacks and would cost $369.98.

beach body cutting cycle with crazy bulk

If at check out you select three stacks, you would only end up paying for two; which would allow you to extend your cut for an extra four weeks at no extra cost.

Crazy Bulk is available exclusively -and at the lowest prices- directly from the company's official website.

All orders (worldwide) are shipped discreetly, at no extra cost to you.


The Beach Body Cutting Cycle with Crazy Bulk is designed for both men and women so they can reduce their body fat levels and maintain their muscularity as they prepare for summer or a competition.

Although an eight-week cycle is recommended, a four-week cycle may be a good idea for those who have never used these products before.

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Regardless of what you've read in this review, the decision to use this cycle (or not) is all yours. My opinion will probably be different from yours, but ultimately it's your choice.

I really hope that this (not so) brief review helped answer your doubts regarding the crazy bulk cutting stack. If you have any other questions, please be sure to leave it in a comment below.

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  • Quality Ingredient Selection
  • Balanced Formulas
  • Safe to Use for Men and Women
  • Free Worldwide Shipping
  • Buy Two Get Third One Free


  • Not Recommended for People Under 18
  • Weaker Than Anabolic Steroids