Best Bodybuilding Diet Tips

Best Bodybuilding Diet Tips For Bulking And Cutting

When I was younger and first decided that I wanted to transform my physique – I did everything I could to learn as much as possible about bodybuilding. I remember spending countless hours on the internet and reading all sorts of books in order to understand the basics of dieting and exercising. I also kept up with several popular fitness magazines and followed the best bodybuilding diet tips that professional athletes had to offer.

I tried everything in hopes of building a quality physique; only to realize that a lot of information that was available to beginners wasn't really that great. It literally took me years of trial and error before I learned that bodybuilding wasn't that difficult; it's just made out to be that way. Don't get me wrong, building muscle while losing fat takes talent and a lot of hard work – but it becomes a lot easier once you get used to it.

Best Bodybuilding Diet Tips

Even though the premise of this article revolves around dieting – I'm also going to cover a few important aspects that are related to training and supplementation. In bodybuilding, everything is connected and tied together; any expert on the subject will tell you that you can't talk about dieting without discussing exercise and supplements.

It's safe to say that if I had known these tips when I first began bodybuilding a long time ago – I would have been able to build my physique a lot faster. With that being said, making mistakes contributed to the overall experience and gave me a unique outlook on how bodybuilding is different for everyone. I'm not here to tell you how to eat or how to train; the purpose of this article is to give you a different view on how to tackle your goals.

Bulking To Gain Lean Muscle

Bulking is an important process that allows a bodybuilder to add more muscle to his/her physique while getting stronger at the same time. A lot of beginners wrongfully believe that the best way to get bigger is by eating everything that crosses their path. Even though doing this is a sure way to gain weight easily – you don't want to make the mistake of taking it too far.

Eating unhealthy foods all day won't help you build a muscular physique – you'll eventually just become overweight. How do I know this? Because I've been there. When I first started lifting, I read all sorts of articles that suggested that you needed to eat big to get big. I followed the instructions and managed to get bigger and stronger.

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Not long after, I soon came to realize that I didn't look that good and that I felt even worse. Once I decided to diet down, I lost most of my size along with my strength. This happened because I had gained a lot more fat than I did muscle, plus; I didn't really know how to diet (because I hadn't done it before) and lost the little bit of muscle that I did manage to gain.

Taking it slow and healthy is the best bodybuilding diet tip that anyone can give you for bulking. Eat healthy foods and try to increase your protein intake while keeping the carbohydrates and fats moderate. Set a marker for your body fat levels and don't let yourself get above it; train hard and do your cardio as this will allow you stay lean as you gain more weight.

How To Get Shredded Without Losing Muscle

After a couple of years of slowly increasing my daily caloric intake without letting myself get too overweight; I decided that it was time to try getting lean again. This time I had a couple of things going for me – the first being that I was leaner, and my newly found knowledge being the second one. When I first dieted down after my first dirty bulk, I took the same wrongful approach while cutting that I did with bulking – I did it fast and aggressive.

The best way to get shredded without losing muscle is by dieting in a slow and controlled manner. Plenty of people are keen on looking lean and decide to cut their calories in half while doing crazy hours of cardio every single day. This is counterproductive and will lead to a very stressful situation that will require more effort than needed.

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If you want to maintain as much muscle as possible while cutting; it's important that you slowly lower your calories. Begin by eliminating non-essential foods that aren't that healthy and keep the important ones in your diet. You'd be surprised at how much of a difference trading a soda for a glass of water every other day can make.

Eventually and as the calories get lower – you can play around and increase them a bit while adding a simple cardio routine. Once you get a feel for it and see your body changing – you'll instinctively know how to progress and play around with your caloric intake and expenditure. The key here is to be patient and not get frustrated. Remember that getting shredded means that you will also lose muscle; there's no way around it, no matter how you do it.

Is It Possible To Build Muscle Without Supplements?

A topic that I wanted to quickly talk about before concluding this article has to do with the importance of supplements in a bodybuilding diet. Over the years, I've seen a lot of beginners -who aren't informed on the subject- ask if it's possible to build muscle without the help of supplements. In short, yes – it's absolutely possible to build a good physique without relying on supplements or steroids.

The problem with sports supplements has to do with the fact that a lot of people always have the wrong expectations about these products. Plenty of bodybuilders out there think that supplements don't work; while others won't go through their day without them. The truth of the matter is that supplements do work but not like people expect them to.

Sports Supplements

Workout supplements are meant to supplement a diet and supply the user with a different array of nutrients that he/she couldn't get otherwise. These products aren't really necessary but they can definitely come in handy when trying to reach a certain goal in a quicker and more efficient manner.

Expecting a supplement to work wonders like an anabolic steroid does, is impossible and unrealistic. Supplements were created to give athletes a natural solution to enhance their muscularity, athletic performance, and diet. Even enhanced athletes have been known to use supplements to promote their health and gain an extra competitive edge.