Bodybuilding: The Misconception

Arnold Schwarzenegger Bodybuilding Mirror

Bodybuilding has always positioned itself in a very fine line that questions its legitimacy and purpose, creating a series of misconceptions that take away from the true essence of the discipline. For years Bodybuilding has been seen as very dark, intense and individual cult sport that cultivates an unconfident image based around being a meathead. … Read more

Understanding the Importance of Testosterone

The importance of Testosterone

The importance of testosterone is undeniable in both sports and medicine, without it the male human body as we know it would simply cease to exist. When Testosterone becomes the main subject in a bodybuilding related discussion, its nature and effectiveness is always associated with the topic of anabolic steroids. Synthesized Testosterone was invented in … Read more

The Many Benefits of Creatine

Creatine Supplementation

The Incredible Benefits of Creatine and How They Can Help Newbies Build Their Physiques Although the many benefits of creatine are enough to convince anyone of its importance for natural bodybuilders; some lifters still question if the famous supplement is really worth their time. Let’s be honest, when it comes down to discussing basic supplements … Read more

The Science behind Branched Chain Amino Acids

Bodybuilder Drinking Protein Shake

Branched Chain Amino Acids have been a staple amongst the supplementation regime of both beginner and high performance athletes due to their powerful capabilities. Branched Chain Amino Acids or simply BCAA’s are crucial chemical compounds that the human body utilizes in order to promote several key functions including the almighty protein synthesis process. Naturally found … Read more

Raspberry Ketone Max Review

Raspberry Ketone Max

Raspberry Ketone Max is a natural weight loss supplement that breaks down fat and accelerates the body’s metabolism through the help of two very special and powerful ingredients. Finding the right supplement can sometimes be a little overwhelming due to the vast majority of brands and supplements that overcrowd the already saturated market. In health … Read more