Dennis Wolf IFBB Pro

Dennis Wolf IFBB Pro

Who Is Dennis Wolf? Dennis Wolf –also known as the big bad wolf- is an IFBB professional athlete that perfectly represents what an elite bodybuilder should be. Before becoming a top Olympia contender, Dennis was nothing more than an aspiring bodybuilder with a dream to become the best in the world. Born in Tokmak Russia, … Read more

Top 10 Most Controversial Olympia Wins of All Time

Phil Heath vs Kai Greene

The Top 10 Most Controversial Olympia Wins of All Time The Mr. Olympia is the world’s ultimate bodybuilding competition. If you win it, you’re automatically considered a legend of the sport. Like any other professional discipline; competitive bodybuilding has been home to its fair share of controversies and speculation. For years, fans have believed that … Read more

Bodybuilding and Intermittent Fasting

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Bodybuilding and Intermittent Fasting: A Winning Combination? Intermittent Fasting (IF) has surprisingly gained a lot of momentum and interest within the bodybuilding & fitness community over the last couple of years. Bodybuilders and other types of athletes -male and female- are practicing intermittent fasting as a way to lose weight more efficiently. It’s no secret that … Read more

The Difference Between Cutting and Bulking

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The Difference Between Cutting and Bulking, Explained  If you don’t know what the difference between cutting and bulking is, you’ll definitely want to read this article till the end. Knowing the difference between these two concepts is literally the bread and butter of bodybuilding nutrition. Anyone with the desire to build muscle, lose weight, and … Read more

The New Generation of Bodybuilding

Big Ramy

A New Generation of Bodybuilding Another year has gone by, 2017 is finally here, and so is the new generation of bodybuilding. We put together a list of bodybuilding’s top rising stars to watch out for in 2017. The list is complete with eight names that will surely dominate this year’s bodybuilding circuit and bring back … Read more

The Truth About Natural Bodybuilding

The Truth About Natural Bodybuilding

Is Natural Bodybuilding A Waste Of Time? Natural bodybuilding has received a lot of unwarranted negative criticism over the years, that has left a permanent mark on its reputation. As steroid use has drastically grown and become more popular throughout the decades; the true essence of bodybuilding has been lost and destroyed. It’s really sad … Read more

Blackwolf Workout Supplements

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Blackwolf Workout Supplements: Premium Supplement Bundles Blackwolf workout supplements have quickly risen to the top of the fitness market and proven to be a force to be reckoned with. Their potent yet simplistic products -developed for performance athletes- combine a series of natural ingredients that are crucial for reaching higher levels of physical performance and … Read more

Testogen Potenciador De Testosterona

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¿Qué es Testogen Potenciador de Testosterona? Testogen potenciador de testosterona es un suplemento completamente natural; ampliamente conocido como el más potente del mercado. La enorme popularidad del suplemento se debe en gran medida a su increíble fórmula y a la intachable reputación de la empresa. Testogen hace uso de once ingredientes completamente naturales para estimular … Read more