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Testo Max: A Brutally Honest Review

A typical review would start out by saying that Testo Max is a legal steroid developed specifically for those with low testosterone levels.

The reviewer would then ask you if you lack the necessary energy needed to live a healthy, positive, and athletic lifestyle; only to finish up by telling you how great the supplement is.

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I'll tell you right now that this review isn't revolutionary or groundbreaking but it is honest. If you're looking for a transparent review on Testo Max, you've found it.

My job is to inform you on all the important aspects of the product (good and bad) so that you can confidently determine if this testosterone booster is truly right for you.

How Important Is Testosterone?

Before we can talk about the supplement itself, we need to acknowledge the elephant in the room and talk about an important topic known as low testosterone.

Science has proven over the years that Testosterone is one of the single most important hormones produced by the male human body.

Without it, basic functions like sex drive, fertility, muscular development, and bone growth would be virtually nonexistent.

low testosterone and bodybuilding

As the body grows older, it naturally begins to decrease its hormone production (HGH and Testosterone) without exception.

As the body decreases its Testosterone levels, it typically begins to experience a series of annoying symptoms that include low energy, low productivity, depression – anxiety, low sex drive, and joint pain among other things.

So, is Testosterone important? You could definitely say so.

Bodybuilding with Low Testosterone

Active individuals -and bodybuilders in particular- see low testosterone as a very large setback due to its negative effects on basic human abilities such as building muscle and eliminating body fat.

Contrary to popular belief, low testosterone can affect individuals from all ages and athletic backgrounds. Some of them don’t even know that they suffer from such condition.

Even though low testosterone (mostly) owes its nature to age and genetics; it can also be caused by living a sedentary lifestyle that shies away from exercising and practicing a healthy diet.

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Bodybuilding with low testosterone can be very frustrating and that's why testosterone boosters have exploded in popularity over the years.

Using a natural testosterone booster like Testo Max is the easiest, safest, and most affordable way to go about the issue.

Just know that if you feel like any symptoms of low testosterone apply to you; it doesn't necessarily mean that your body actually suffers from such condition.

Why Should You Consider Using Testo Max?

Testo Max is one of those supplements that's been subjected to plenty of positive and negative feedback, over the years.

This can honestly make the product a bit difficult to analyze by those who have little experience regarding the use of supplements.

So, what's the truth? Why would someone use this specific supplement over the competitors?

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Is It Because It's One of Bodybuilding's Best Selling Testosterone Boosters?

No, it isn't. Although Testo Max is arguably one of bodybuilding's most popular testosterone boosters – it's popularity alone shouldn't convince you into buying it.

Is It Because of Its Product Formula?

Maybe, but I'm still guessing that a good formula isn't all that you're looking for, am I right? I think that we can both agree that there're more to a supplement that its popularity and formula.

Testo Max Ingredients:

Vitamin B3

Vitamin D2

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B5



D-Aspartic Acid

Tribulus Terrestris Fruit



Is It Because of Its Price Tag?

Not particularly. The Crazy Bulk Testosterone Booster costs $59.99, which is a bit expensive in my opinion.

The good news is that you automatically receive free shipping (regardless of where you live) and you get a third bottle added at no cost to you when you buy two.

What's so Special About It, Then?

I honestly think that Testo Max is a best-selling product because it checks all the right boxes. Think about it for a moment and connect the dots. Do you see where I'm coming from?Product Presentation

Starting with its presentation and ending with its perks, it's an all-around attractive product that doesn't do anything wrong.

Even though Its formula is good (but not perfect) and its price tag isn't the lowest out there; its overall aura and marketing charm have made it a serious contender in the competitive world of testosterone boosters.

Testo Max may not excel at anything in particular but it somehow manages to do good at being a balanced product that's just right.

Is Testo Max Safer and More Effective Than TRT?

There are currently three methods that allow the human body to reach peak testosterone production:

Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT)

Anabolic Steroids

Testosterone Boosters

The first and second methods consist of routine synthetic testosterone injections that destroy the body’s fertility and natural ability to produce the hormone.

The last method is natural, safe, and effective – as it involves no needles or prescriptions. The only downside is that it isn't as fast-acting or potent as the previous alternatives.

I would go as far as saying that supplements are better than TRT because they can accomplish a similar goal in a much safer and less expensive manner.

bodybuilder stretching

Testo Max contains a good selection of natural ingredients, vitamins, and minerals that stimulate the body into raising its natural testosterone production.

As we just saw, the main ingredients found in this strong supplement are D-Aspartic Acid, Tribulus Terrestris, and Fenugreek.

All of these have been scientifically proven to have a noticeable impact on the body's overall natural testosterone production.

These ingredients have also been used in traditional medicine for years to enhance fertility, sex drive, muscle building – bone growth, digestion, and energy.

Where and How Can I Purchase Testo Max?

Testo Max is an exclusive product that can only be directly purchased from the official Crazy Bulk website.

The price for a 30-day cycle is $59.99, but you can take advantage of their famous discount and buy three bottles for the price of two. This means that you would pay $119.98 for a 3-month cycle.

Shipping is free, efficient, and discreet on all orders to over 100 countries. I'm personally a big fan of this policy because it allows you to save a few dollars.

The Verdict: Should You Buy It?

I think that we can both agree that Testo Max isn't the greatest supplement to ever be invented, but it's a reasonably good one.

I think that anyone who is considering using this supplement to raise their testosterone levels won't be disappointed with the results if they use it alongside a structured diet and exercise plan.

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The ingredients are good but I wouldn't recommend it to those with a high tolerance to supplements. This makes it a great product for beginners but one that I wouldn't recommend to advanced athletes.

With that being said, that's my opinion and not yours. I shared the facts and it's up to you to decide if this test booster meets your needs.

What Do Customers Have to Say?

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What Is Testo Max

Testo Max is a natural testosterone booster that can stimulate the body's ability to produce the hormone when it's used alongside a proper diet and exercise routine.

It is entirely natural and therefore safe to use by anyone who is in good health and over the age of 18.

Is It Safe and Legal to Use by Anyone?

Yes, it is. Although the T Booster is classified as a “legal steroid”, the term shouldn't alarm you.

Legal steroid is a marketing name that's given to a stronger type of bodybuilding supplement in order to make them sound hardcore.

Just make sure that you're in good health and that you're not allergic to any of the ingredients. It's recommended that you consult with an expert before using any type of dietary supplement.

How Do I Use It?

According to the guys who formulated it, you should take three capsules with a glass of water, twenty minutes before breakfast.

For best results, they suggest that you cycle it (use it) for 2 months on and 1.5 weeks off.

Where Can I Buy it?

The only place where you can buy any Crazy Bulk is online, directly from the official website. Be careful with people who sell fakes on websites like eBay.

Crazy Bulk Testo Max

$59.99 (1 Bottle)








  • Quality Formula
  • Safe to Use
  • Perfect for Beginners
  • Free Worldwide Shipping
  • Buy Two Get Third One Free


  • Relatively Expensive
  • Have to Be 18 or Older to Use
  • Advanced Athletes May Want Something Stronger