Can Ashley Kaltwasser Win the 2018 Bikini Olympia?

Will Ashley Kaltwasser Make History at the 2018 Ms. Bikini Olympia?

Ashley Kaltwasser is one of the most decorated female athletes in the sport of bodybuilding. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, as she’s a three-time Ms. Bikini Olympia Champion.

After taking a well-deserved break from the competitive stage last year – and focusing on other important ventures – the most dominant athlete in the history of the bikini division is finally back to take the title.

Ashley knew that she needed plenty of momentum going into the 2018 Olympia. So, she decided to make a statement by participating in a series of competitions, leading up to the big show.

Ashley Kaltwasser Vancouver
Ashley Kaltwasser at the 2018 IFBB Vancouver Pro

It’s safe to say that she reached her objective; because she unsurprisingly ended up winning every single one of these shows.

This year, the competition in Vegas will be at an all-time high, as over thirty athletes aim to win the title that Angelica Teixeira is looking to defend for the very first time.

Ashley will undoubtedly be facing the toughest Olympia lineup in the history of the division. Will she be able to regain the crown? Here’s what I think.

The Most Dominant Bikini Olympia Champion Ever

Ashley Kaltwasser has managed to win seventeen professional shows over the span of her impressive competitive career – including the Ms. Olympia on three consecutive occasions.

On paper, Ashley is the most dominant athlete in the history of the bikini division. If you can think of a title, she’s already won it. There just isn’t anyone that can even come close.

Fans in attendance at this year’s Olympia will truly be in for a show, as the former champ gets ready to face the talented lineup that will try to undermine her one objective – winning the ultimate title.

2015 Bikini Olympia
Ashley Winning the 2015 Ms. Bikini Olympia Title

Even though it won’t be easy, Ashley’s previous break from competing has allowed her to come back even stronger than ever.

I don’t think that her physique’s shape, leanness, and muscularity have ever been as impressive as they are going into this year’s Super Bowl of bodybuilding.

If this is anything to go by, we will surely get to see the best Ashley Kaltwasser ever, challenge Angelica Teixeira for the win.

Can Anyone Stop Ashley Kaltwasser from Winning the Title?

The bikini division has always been the most competitive class in the IFBB Pro League.

Since bikini was first introduced at the Olympia level back in 2010 – only six women have been able to win the prestigious title.

The favorites going into this year’s show are definitely Ashley Kaltwasser and Angelica Teixeira – and why wouldn’t they? They are both Olympia champions with incredible physiques.

Bikini Olympia 2014
2014 IFBB Bikini Olympia Top Six

Sadly, when judgment day finally arrives, only one will be crowned 2018 Ms. Bikini Olympia.

The lineup is filled with a lot of tremendous talent that should never be underestimated. Both Ashley and Angelica know better than anyone that someone can always come out of the blue and tip the scale.

With that being said, it’s safe to say that Ashley will be in the running for the title – and it will be very difficult for anyone to stop her from winning it.

Your 2018 Bikini Olympia Champion Is…

Many will agree that Ashley’s physique is truly the perfect representation of what the bikini division should be – and that’s why she’s one of the fan favorites heading into the show.

As it was previously mentioned, Ashley’s physique is looking the best that it ever has. Not to mention that she’s already won a series of highly competitive pro shows going into the Olympia.

As a three-time champion – and as the most dominant athlete in the history of the division – Ashley Kaltwasser will be Angelica Teixeira's biggest threat.

Professional Win #17 for Ashley

If Ashley manages to be the last woman standing on that stage, she will add another historic accomplishment to her career.

A win in Vegas would make her the only competitor in the history of the division to lose the title – only to come back and win it again.

And that's why – as incredibly talented as the lineup is – I firmly believe that on September 15th, Ashley Kaltwasser will come out on top and win the 2018 Olympia.

Final Thoughts

Ashley Kaltwasser is undoubtedly one of the greatest female athletes in the history of modern bodybuilding.

Her impressive career has been nothing short of amazing, and her physique is unrivaled by anyone else’s in the world of fitness.

Her small waist, defined musculature, and flawless presentation on stage make her the perfect representative of the bikini division.

Ifbb Bikini Athlete
Ashley is more than ready to make history

Ashley is, without a doubt, the number-one threat going into the show. And, if there’s anyone that can take the title from the current champ – it’s definitely her.

The three-time Ms. Olympia has all the tools needed to win. Not to mention that she’s fresh off a serious winning streak that has only motivated her that much more.

Plus, she can be confident in knowing that she will have an army of loyal supporters cheering her on to do what she knows best – win.

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