The Risks of Performance Enhancement Drugs

Risks of Steroids

A Brief Look at the History of Performance Enhancement Drugs Before Performance Enhancement Drugs were constantly criticized by the general public, their many benefits were all that people could talk about. Not many seem to know that steroids were born due to the aggressive competitiveness between Russia and the USA back in the mid-1900s. In … Read more

Will Kai Greene Compete at the 2017 Olympia?

Kai Greene 2017 Arnold Classic Winner

Will we see Kai Greene compete at the 2017 Olympia? The 2017 Olympia has just become a lot more interesting now that Kai Greene has received a special invitation from the IFBB. Fans can’t help but wonder if “The Predator” will actually come back to the world’s largest bodybuilding stage and fight for a chance … Read more

Saving Competitive Bodybuilding?

Men's Bodybuilding Competition

What Happened To Competitive Bodybuilding? If you had the ability to travel back in time to the 60’s or 70’s and ask the “Golden Generation of Bodybuilders” about the future of their beloved sport – they would’ve  drawn a completely different picture compared to the one we have today. Competitive Bodybuilding started out as a … Read more

The Nature of Human Growth Hormone

Effects of HGH

Here’s everything you ever wanted to know about Human Growth Hormone (HGH); the world’s most misunderstood compound. Human Growth Hormone (HGH) has been an important player in the world of bodybuilding & fitness for as long as the competitive sport can remember. Professional athletes and average gym goers have relied on the effects of such … Read more

Bodybuilding: The Misconception

Arnold Schwarzenegger Bodybuilding Mirror

Bodybuilding has always positioned itself in a very fine line that questions its legitimacy and purpose, creating a series of misconceptions that take away from the true essence of the discipline. For years Bodybuilding has been seen as very dark, intense and individual cult sport that cultivates an unconfident image based around being a meathead. … Read more

Understanding the Importance of Testosterone

The importance of Testosterone

The importance of testosterone is undeniable in both sports and medicine, without it the male human body as we know it would simply cease to exist. When Testosterone becomes the main subject in a bodybuilding related discussion, its nature and effectiveness is always associated with the topic of anabolic steroids. Synthesized Testosterone was invented in … Read more