Best Exercises For Building Big Biceps

arnold front double biceps

What Are the Best Exercises for Building Big Biceps? It’s safe to say that there isn’t a single bodybuilder out there that doesn’t dream of having big biceps. Even though they are technically a smaller muscle group; their development alone can make or break a physique. In this article, I’m going to share some important tips and exercises … Read more

Best Back Exercises For Mass

Arnold, Ronnie and Dorian Backs

The Best Back Exercises For Mass Back training in recent years has truly become a lost art that not many seem to care about. It’s sad to see that even at the professional level, athletes also neglect the importance of back training. The best back exercises for mass will always be the classics; there’s no way … Read more

The Key to Growing Massive Legs

How to Build Massive Legs

Building Massive Legs When I first started working out, I religiously followed the training routines of bodybuilding’s most successful athletes. I quickly learned from them that the squat would always be the king of all exercises and never did I stop to think about the potential danger that performing this lift could potentially cause. If … Read more

Four Common Bodybuilding Training Myths Debunked

Arnold Schwarzenegger Barbell Curl

Bodybuilding Training Myths The purpose of this article is to give you some insight into four important bodybuilding training myths that are currently making their way into the minds of thousands of misguided amateur lifters from all over the globe. The end goal is to share an objective point of view into the basics of … Read more

The Effectiveness of Full Body Workouts for Bodybuilding

The Effectiveness of Full Body Workouts for Bodybuilding

The effectiveness of full body workouts has always been questioned and classified as a controversial subject amongst bodybuilding experts. Let’s tackle the subject and conclude if they are truly beneficial or a complete waste of time. Building a physique to perfection takes countless years of hard work, trial and error, and dedication. Beginner bodybuilders will … Read more

Three Overrated Chest Exercises

Decline Dumbbell Press

Stop wasting time and get your chest growing by eliminating these overrated chest exercises from your workouts. Building a big, complete, and full chest is a pretty simple task that requires time and a good mind-muscle connection.  “Experts” have constantly overcomplicated the principles of training by confusing newcomers with advice that makes little to no … Read more