Crazy Bulk Anvarol Review

Crazy Bulk Anvarol: Enhanced Athletic Performance, Muscle Building, and Fat Loss

Crazy Bulk Anvarol is a leading Oxandrolone (Anavar) alternative that focuses on safely delivering similar benefits to those that the steroid is famous for.

What benefits, you may ask? Well, it's a well-known fact that Oxandrolone is a popular mild oral steroid that's commonly used for maintaining muscle and strength while reducing body fat.

Anvarol tries to mimic these effects with the help of a potent formula made with natural ingredients that possess anabolic properties.Crazy Bulk AnvarolAlthough Anvarol is not as strong as Anavar; it surprisingly manages to be competitive and offers a solid solution for natural lifters.

Plus, we know that Anavar (anabolic steroid) is illegal and quite dangerous; so it's probably better that you stay away from it and try a different (natural) approach to building your physique.

I'm sure that you probably already know this and that's why you're reading this review. So, let's get down to it and get started, shall we?

A Quick Word on Legal Steroids

Before I get into the details, I want to give you a quick heads up on what you can realistically expect from this product.

In the past, a lot of people have mistakenly purchased a legal steroid thinking that they were actually buying an anabolic steroid that was sold legally online. That's pretty much impossible to do and illegal.

Legal steroids were created to mimic the benefits of anabolic steroids and improve the user's health while avoiding all forms of negative side effects.

Legal Steroids

If you break them down, legal steroids are very similar to bodybuilding supplements; only a lot stronger. Why? Because they're 100% natural, safe to use, and you can buy them online.

Anvarol is not a replacement for the steroid; it's an all-natural alternative to Anavar.

Even though Anvarol may not be as strong as the illegal steroid; you can be confident in knowing that it can help you on your journey to achieving the best results naturally possible.

Anavar (Oxandrolone) Risks and Benefits

Anavar (Oxandrolone) is one of the most popular steroids known to man. It's a fan favorite because it's powerful, effective, and doesn't require any injections.

Anavar is an oral steroid that's a lot stronger than Testosterone and that also has the distinct ability to greatly increase nitrogen retention and the body's red blood cell count.

It's incredible at preserving lean muscle mass and enhancing strength while cutting.

oral steroids

Oxandrolone is also commonly used for cutting cycles due to its fat burning properties.

Unlike other cutting steroids, Anavar doesn't just increase the body's metabolic rate; it directly promotes lipolysis (fat breakdown).

Although users shouldn't expect to build insane amounts of muscle with this compound; whatever tissue they do gain, will be mostly lean muscle.

As far as the risks go, there are plenty; this is why anabolic steroids should always be avoided. Anavar can:

  • Suppress Natural Testosterone Production
  • Cause Hair Loss
  • Acne
  • Nausea
  • Depression
  • Anxiety

Even though this steroid is (technically) one of the milder of the bunch; its side effects and health risks far outweigh the possible benefits that it can give you.

Anvarol Legal Steroid

Natural Anavar Alternative

Now that we talked a little bit about the steroid, let's get back to our review and talk about the good stuff.

First off, Anvarol is a legal steroid. This means that it's a stronger type of workout supplement that tries to mimic the positive effects of the anabolic compound known as Anavar.

I say try because it's impossible to identically copy the same effects of an anabolic substance, naturally.

Anvarol Benefits


Crazy Bulk's natural alternative is made from different ingredients with strong muscle-building and fat-burning properties.

All Crazy Bulk products are 100% natural, safe, effective – and legal to use. They don't require a prescription and they don't involve any needles.

Here's what you can expect when using Anvarol under a proper diet and exercise plan:

  • Lean Muscle Mass Retention While Cutting
  • Reduced Body Fat
  • Improved Strength And Endurance
  • Increased Nitrogen Production
  • Increased Red Blood Cell Count
  • Improved Muscle Endurance
  • Enhanced Vascularity

Anvarol Ingredients

Anvarol's multipurpose formula contains a unique selection of ingredients that can assist you in successfully maintaining as much lean muscle mass as possible while eliminating excess body fat.

The formula also works as a potent energy source that will fuel your body and accelerate its recovery abilities on all levels; even intracellularly.

Let's take a look at what makes each ingredient special.


ATP is an energy carrier that's naturally broken down by the human body. Without ATP, it's impossible for cells to grow and reproduce.

A direct source of ATP will allow all of your body's internal processes to work at an enhanced rate.

This means that you will be able to build muscle and get stronger faster, utilize your fat cells as energy, and accelerate your recovery.atp supplement

Soy Protein Isolate

Soy Protein Isolate is a high-quality source of protein that's low in calories. Its primary use in the Anvarol formula is to help you maintain muscle fullness while you lose body fat.

Soy protein isolate

Branched Chain Amino Acids

BCAA's probably don't need an introduction as they're arguably one the most popular forms of bodybuilding supplementation, today.

Layne Norton, a well-respected figure in the world of bodybuilding mentions in one of his articles that Branched Chain Amino Acids are necessary for gaining and preserving muscle while cutting down to really low body fat levels.

The cool thing about BCAA's is that they don't require any digestion; apparently, they are directly absorbed into the bloodstream.


Whey Protein Concentrate

Whey protein provides bodybuilders with a lean source of protein that digests very quickly. It's probably the world's most popular supplement due to its low calories and high protein content.whey protein concentrate

Wild Yam Root

The last supplement (ingredient) in Anvarol is an odd one and it's called wild yam root.

In case you're not familiar with this supplement, wild yam root is commonly used to reduce inflammation, regulate hormone production, and promote liver health.

wild yam root

Does Anvarol Really Work?

Fact vs. Fiction

If you are interested in trying this product, it's important that you know all the facts before doing so. This will allow you to be entirely confident in your decision moving forward.

As I've already stated, this product is not an anabolic steroid. It's a legal steroid that combines different supplements in order to recreate similar benefits to those of the steroid.

workout endurance

Even though Anvarol is a relatively strong supplement; it won't give you the same results as the illegal steroid that it competes against.

If you train and eat like a bodybuilder; taking this natural alternative can and will help you experience the benefits that I previously mentioned.

Will they be as noticeable as the ones that the steroid can generate? No, they won't. But, that doesn't mean that this product doesn't work.

Anabolic Steroids vs. Legal Steroids

Legal steroids are virtually an improved version of traditional workout supplements. These products can generate great results if you give them a good environment to work with.

A lot of natural bodybuilders use legal steroids because they are a great way to enhance their physiques and performance without placing their health at risk.

How to use Anvarol

Although it's true that you won't see steroid-like results; you will be able to see consistent progress that won't easily fade away.

You might be surprised to know that plenty of bodybuilders don't know that anabolic steroids only create temporary results that disappear as soon as the person quits taking them; with an added list of health issues.

Is Anvarol Right For You?

Crazy Bulk Anvarol is mostly used for cutting cycles, and believe it or not – a lot more women use this product than men.

While it can also be used for bulking, it's properties really shine during a cutting cycle.

If your goal is to get shredded and maintain as much lean muscle as possible; this supplement can definitely be of good use.

should you use Anvarol

Like any other supplement (or steroid), Anvarol won't work if you don't make it work. In order to maximize its abilities, you need to make sure that your dieting and training are on point.

At the end of the day, the purpose of this legal steroid is to give you the needed support to reach your desired physique naturally.

If you're expecting steroid-like side effects; I can confidently say that this product isn't for you.

Reasons Why You Shouldn't Use This Legal Steroid

As good as this product is, it's not perfect. Below, I added the three main reasons why someone wouldn't want to use this product.

Reason #1: You expect it to work with the same strength as the illegal anabolic steroid.

Reason #2: You're looking for a fast and hardcore muscle builder.

Reason #3: You want to use it for increasing your libido (sex drive).

Anavar (the anabolic steroid) is arguably one of the most popular anabolic steroids in existence. Even though it might not be the strongest one out there; its balanced nature is widely appealing to experienced athletes.

Anvarol is no different and should only be used by more experienced bodybuilders that are looking for a supplement that manages to do everything just right.

What Kind Of Results Can You Expect?

If your training and nutrition are on point, you can easily get to experience most (if not all) of the benefits that I mentioned previously.

As I've already stated countless times; Crazy Bulk Anvarol is completely natural and will not generate any side effects.

Truthfully, there is no way of telling what kind of results you can expect by using this product.

Obviously, you can narrow it down to less than what you would expect from a steroid, but more than you would get from a mainstream supplement.

Giovan Testimonial

Your results will greatly depend on your nutrition, training intensity, rest, and genetics. Everyone is different and will experience their own set of results.

Saying that you can lose a certain amount of weight and maintain all of your muscle by the time you finish a cycle with this product would be taking a wild guess.

With that being said, a large amount of Crazy Bulk customers have experienced great results in less than thirty days.

I'm not saying that the same thing will happen to you, but the odds are definitely in your favor.

Anvarol Testimonials

Customer Reviews

How To Use

Take three capsules (3) with water, approximately 15 minutes after your training session has concluded.

For maximum results, the creators recommend that you do this for a minimum of two months.

The recommended cycle consists of taking the supplement for two (2) months on followed by one and a half (1.5) weeks off.

Where To Buy, Shipping, and Discounts.

Crazy Bulk's product selection can be viewed and purchased directly through their official website.

A thirty-day supply of CrazyBulk Anvarol costs $54.99. If you buy two bottles, you automatically get a third one added to your order completely free.

Crazy Bulk ships worldwide to over 100 countries free of charge. It doesn't matter where you live; your order will be shipped discretely at no extra charge to you.crazy bulk free shipping


We've finally almost reached the end of the review and I want to finish things off with a brief conclusion that sums up Anvarol.

In short, the popular product is a legal steroid that's formulated with a natural anabolic formula that tries to generate similar effects to those of the anabolic steroid Anavar.

It manages to do this successfully but falls short in strength when compared to the steroid. Although, let's face it, how can we realistically expect a supplement -a strong one at that- to be able to compete with an illegal hormone?

Visit the Official Website

Even though it's priced a little higher than I would like it to be; it manages to accomplish everything that it sets out to do.

If you're looking for a supplement that can help you reduce body fat while maintaining lean muscle mass during a cutting or even a bulking cycle; Anvarol is truly worth looking further into.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before I conclude this review, I want to finish it with a few important FAQ's that Crazy Bulk often receives about Anvarol.

Is Anvarol a Scam?

No, it isn't. Anvarol is a legitimate legal steroid sold by a reputable company that's helped countless natural bodybuilders with their athletic goals.

Some people have mistakenly purchased these products believing that they were actually buying illegal steroids, only to realize that this wasn't the case.

This is what started the rumors that claim that legal steroids don't work.

How Much Does It Cost and Where Can I Purchase It?

A 30-day cycle (90 capsules) will cost you $54.99. Crazy Bulk is exclusively sold on their official website.

Will Anvarol Show up on a Drug Test?

Anvarol shouldn't show on a drug test because all of its ingredients are completely natural and therefore safe to use. With that being said, I would highly recommend that you double check the ingredients with your athletic federation just to be sure.

Is Anvarol Safe to Use?

Yes, Anvarol is safe to use by both men and women (over the age of 18) as long as you're in good health and aren't allergic to any of the ingredients.

It's recommended that you consult with an expert before beginning to use any form of sports supplementation.

How Long Will It Take till I See Results?

Crazy Bulk is confident that you will notice results in as little as thirty days. With that being said, results will vary from person to person and will ultimately depend on your diet, training, and genetics.

Crazy Bulk Anvarol









  • 100% Natural
  • Safe to Use for Men and Women
  • Balanced Formula
  • Great for Maintaining Lean Muscle Mass
  • Quality Cutting Agent


  • Not the Strongest Muscle Builder
  • Can Only Be Purchased Online
  • Price Could Be Lower