Dennis Wolf IFBB Pro

Who Is Dennis Wolf?

Dennis Wolf –also known as the big bad wolf- is an IFBB professional athlete that perfectly represents what an elite bodybuilder should be.

Before becoming a top Olympia contender, Dennis was nothing more than an aspiring bodybuilder with a dream to become the best in the world.

Born in Tokmak Russia, he moved to Germany in 1992 where he would soon become interested in the art of bodybuilding.

Dennis Wolf IFBB Pro

It didn’t take long before he won his first major contest (NRW International Championships) as an amateur in the year 2000.

His amateur career was nothing short of amazing and it was soon concluded with his win at the 2005 IFBB World Championships, which earned him professional status.

His professional trajectory has spanned over twelve years and makes him one of the greatest modern bodybuilders ever.

Dennis Wolf Stats

At first glance, it appears like there isn’t really much information online regarding Dennis Wolf’s measurements.

This is due to the fact that he probably doesn’t need to share his stats in order for people to get an idea of how large he really is.

When Dennis steps on stage, it’s clear that he is one the biggest bodybuilders that the sport has ever seen.

Dennis Wolf Guest Posing

He is famously known for his massive (detailed) legs and his tiny waist that’s claimed to be less than thirty inches.

What’s even more impressive is the way he carries all his mass. His aesthetics and v-taper are truly impossible to match by any bodybuilder.

With that being said, here are the claimed measurements that we managed to find online. His height and weight come straight from his website.

Height: 5’11 (180cm)

Off-Season Weight: 280lbs – 300lbs (127kg- 136kg)

Contest Weight: 258lbs (117kg)

Arms: 22 Inches (55.8 cm)

Chest: 56 Inches (142.24 cm)

Legs: 31 Inches (78.74 cm)

Waist: 29 Inches (73.66 cm)

Dennis Wolf Competition History

As a professional athlete, it was clear that Dennis Wolf was destined for greatness.

It didn’t take long before he won his first IFBB Pro show – the 2007 Keystone Pro Classic- which would qualify him for his second Mr. Olympia.

The 2007 Mr. Olympia proved to be widely controversial as Dennis ended up placing fifth in what could’ve been a historical finish for the young bodybuilder.

Dennis and Jay 2007

Although some people claimed that Victor Martinez should’ve won that contest (he placed second) – others believe that Dennis Wolf deserved the victory.

Dennis would continue to place within the top five at the Olympia six more times and would win a total of six professional shows.

His greatest professional accomplishments would be his win at the 2014 Arnold Classic and his third-place finish at the 2013 Mr. Olympia.

The Making of a Champion

There’s no better word to describe Dennis Wolf than champion. He is arguably the embodiment of the ultimate bodybuilder.

His enormous size, tremendous lines, and perfect proportions are straight out of a superhero comic book.

What’s even more impressive is the way that he carries such size. His small waist, exaggerated v-taper, and full muscle bellies are unlike anything we’ve ever seen.

Dennis vs Branch

If we look past his monstrous physique, it’s also easy to understand why he is one of bodybuilding’s greatest ambassadors.

His charisma, personality, and work ethic have allowed him to promote bodybuilding in a positive light to millions of people.

There isn’t a corner in the world in which bodybuilding fans don’t know who Dennis Wolf is. His humble demeanor sets him apart and makes him a true people’s champion.

Dennis Wolf Injury and Comeback

After an intense run at trying to take the Olympia title from the reigning champion (Phil Heath); Dennis Wolf sat out the 2016 Mr. Olympia.

His temporary retirement was due to an attempt to correct an injury that had seriously affected his ability to train at a hundred percent.

The Big Bad Wolf would undergo corrective surgery that would fix his spine after several fragments had apparently broken off.

The road to recovery would prove to be difficult but his positive attitude and his millions of supporters allowed him to make a successful comeback at the 2017 Arnold Classic.

Dennis Wolf Injury

After taking more than a year off to recover and training for only a few months; Dennis showed up to compete looking incredible.

Although his upper body was (understandably) downsized; his legs and conditioning were tremendous and reminded everyone why he’s always been considered a serious threat.

Fans were extremely excited to see the bodybuilding legend make a successful return to the stage and it soon became clear that the Big Bad Wolf was back.

Needless to say that as soon as Dennis regains his upper body size, he will once again be a serious contender for the Olympia title.

What Does the Future Hold for Dennis Wolf?

It’s still far too early to say what the future holds for Dennis Wolf in the world of competitive bodybuilding.

If he manages to regain his lost size –which I think he can- he will definitely be fighting it out with the Olympia lineup before we know it.

With that being said, competitive bodybuilding is a very tough sport that takes a lot out of you.

Dennis Wolf Comeback Physique

You need a lot of work, dedication, and sacrifice to make it to the top and stay there.

Dennis is already at the top and continues to promote bodybuilding all over the world.

No matter what happens in the near future, Dennis will always be a positive figure that fans can look up to for inspiration – whether he’s competing or not.


Dennis Wolf is one of the greatest bodybuilders of our time. He dominated the amateur ranks, worked his way up the pro circuit, and eventually almost took the ultimate title home.

Some bodybuilding experts would go as far as saying that he’s an uncrowned Mr. Olympia champion and I agree.

The Big Bad Wolf of Bodybuilding

The Big Bad Wolf has defeated some of modern bodybuilding’s greatest champions and earned the respect of millions of fans around the world.

No matter what the future holds for this great champion; it’s safe to say that he will forever go down in history as a legend of the sport.

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