The Difference between Cutting and Bulking

Steve CookTwo of the most important bodybuilding dieting methods are explained. Let’s discuss the difference between cutting and bulking.

Getting to know the difference between cutting and bulking plays a major role when trying to understand the basic principles of dieting. Even though these two concepts are used primarily amongst athletes that need to meet a certain criteria in the weight and physique department, they are crucial for everyone and anyone that desires to make an improvement to their physique and their overall wellbeing.


Serge NubretOn paper cutting is seen as the most difficult dieting method used by bodybuilders due to its intense nature that pushes the body through dangerous extremes; while there is no denying that cutting can be tedious, it definitely is less extreme than bulking. The purpose of going through a cutting cycle is to simply lose weight and acquire muscle definition while maintaining as much strength and muscle as possible.

The main difference between cutting and bulking is lies within the concept of dieting in which the amount of macronutrients and micronutrients that are consumed are the objectives to focus on. With cutting cardio becomes a frequent factor and training is usually kept the same to place less stress on the physique, keeping it in a neutral state that allows it perform at its best. Common misconceptions regarding cutting are that calories need to be drastically lowered, cardio needs to be done on a regular basis and training should be restricted.

All of the above should be avoided if cutting wants to be done in an efficient and painless manner. Restricting one’s caloric intake while doing the same for training will wither away muscle while the cardio leans out the physique. Calorie reduction should be done slowly, cardio should be increased accordingly and the training intensity should stay the same.


Casey ViatorThe favorite and the more productive of the two, bulking is used to gain as much muscle mass as possible while disregarding muscle leanness. For some bulking is the ultimate dieting method as it’s a lot more comfortable to do and easier to follow through, that said, overdoing it can lead to unwanted results such as excess fat gaining.

The difference between cutting and bulking is that bulking literally means to gain mass while cutting means to eliminate fat. A successful bulking cycle can only be reached by placing the body in a healthy caloric surplus. Weight training during bulking will be really productive; strength levels will instantly go up which allows for heavier and more intense Larry Scott Biceps Poseworkouts. Intense workouts place the body in a vulnerable position in which it craves nutrients to recover; if the body is fed with the appropriate foods it will easily grow.

The most common and dangerous misconception with bulking is that someone can eat as much junk food as they want and the body will use it efficiently. This is false, eating bad food will result in excess fat gaining, only eating healthy food groups with high protein contents will benefit the body and not the other way around. Others think that cardio can be neglected while bulking which is false, cardio is more important in this phase than it is with cutting; ignoring it will lead to an unbalanced physique.