Is Derek Lunsford the Future 212 Olympia Champion?

Can Derek Lunsford Defeat Flex Lewis?

Derek Lunsford is undoubtedly one of bodybuilding’s most promising talents.

After winning the overall title at the 2017 Mr. USA, he went on to dominate his first pro show; qualifying him for the Olympia, where he would place fifth in a complicated lineup.

Although his impressive finish ended being a bit controversial, as some had him placing better – bodybuilding fans were quick to hype up the young bodybuilder as Flex Lewis’ greatest threat.

Now, we are currently just a couple of weeks away from the 2018 Olympia and it’s safe to say that Derek isn’t competing for second place – his number one goal is to take down the champ.

Derek Lunsford Posing

Flex Lewis is fully aware of the level of competition that awaits him at his final 212 Olympia appearance and will, therefore, do his best to retire from the division… undefeated.

This means that if there’s ever a time to take down the reigning champion and make a huge statement – it’s now.

Derek has all the tools needed to achieve the difficult task of defeating Flex Lewis. But, will he be able to put it all together come game day?

Derek Lunsford vs Flex Lewis

Judging from his progress pictures, Derek has improved his already impressive physique tremendously over the last twelve months. His weak points have been brought up, while his strengths have gotten even better.

Flex –as everyone already knows- holds one of the best and most beautiful physiques in the entire pro circuit.

Sadly, the bodyweight limit in the 212 division has stopped the Welsh Dragon from developing his body to its utmost potential – which is why he’s rumored to be switching to the open class.

As things stand right now, it’s likely that we will see a new and improved Derek Lunsford face off against the best Flex Lewis ever.

Derek Lunsford vs Flex Lewis

Eventually, both of these talented competitors will face off in the open. But, for now, we have to settle and see them compete in the 212 division.

Flex has a very beautiful physique that flows to perfection; so there isn't really a single muscle group that he needs to work on. His biggest issue is maintaining fullness when cutting weight.

Derek is still young so his physique is very much a diamond in the rough; which is absolutely insane because of how impressive he already is.

When both of these men stand on the Olympia stage in a few weeks; the judges are going to have a very difficult time ahead of themselves.

Back Double Biceps

Last year, Derek was wide and packed a lot of muscle on top, but his legs and calves could've been better. His conditioning was very good though.

Flex came in looking a bit off, but he was impressive enough to take the undisputed win.

If Derek managed to bring up his legs/calves and he comes in shredded – he’s definitely going to make a statement. You can also be sure that Flex will do his absolute best to retire undefeated from the division.

What Derek Needs to Do in Order to Win

If Derek wants to do the impossible and defeat Flex Lewis at his last 212 Olympia appearance – he has to show up with an entirely new and improved physique.

Last year Derek’s physique lacked the quality and density that are needed to stand next to and defeat Flex Lewis.

Let’s not forget that in order for Derek to be compared with Flex, he will first have to fend off a long list of talented bodybuilders that are all hungry for the win.

As it was just mentioned, the main thing that Derek had to work on in order to stand a chance at winning the title is lower body development.

Derek Lunsford Abs

His legs were quite good last year, but they needed to be insane in order to overshadow Flex. His calves were also a weak point that needed improvement.

As far as size goes, he already has plenty of it. He just needs to focus on adding density and nailing the conditioning.

Last year, his color was a little off and his posing needed some work. Derek needs to focus on hitting the poses and holding them with confidence.

Let's not forget that the young bodybuilder is still in his early 20’s and will only continue to get better. Plus, we’re sure that last year's issues -that were just addressed- won't be a problem come Olympia time.

Future Open Class Bodybuilder?

At the rate Derek is progressing, it wouldn’t be surprising if he eventually manages to make his way into the open class.

Although it’s just speculation at this point, it’s believed that Flex Lewis will finally make the jump and compete as an open bodybuilder.

Fans are extremely happy because although he’s been an incredible 212 champion; people believe that he has the potential to win bodybuilding’s ultimate title – the Sandow statue.

Derek Lunsford and Ben Pakulski

Derek –just like Flex- has a physique that can be a serious threat in the open division. It will only be a matter of time before he’s too heavy for the 212 class and will have to sacrifice quality size in order to make weight.

It’s safe to say that the 2018 Olympia won’t be the last time that Derek and Flex will be facing off against each other. And, if things go right, we’ll probably get to see them compete in the open.

Will it be sooner rather than later? No one really knows, but we can’t wait to see it happen.

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