Is The Bubble Gut Ruining Professional Bodybuilding?

Everything That's Wrong With The Bubble Gut

The Bubble Gut is one of those things that professional bodybuilding fans just can't stop talking about. After the 2017 Mr. Olympia fiasco, followers of the sport quickly realized that the sport was heading in the wrong direction. Sadly, even Arnold Schwarzenegger's comments of the current state of bodybuilding weren't enough to shine a new light on the sport.

Plenty of online media outlets took it upon themselves to raise awareness on the subject and succeeded. Fans were furious and couldn't understand how a distended stomach could be so easily overlooked and rewarded. Others justify the bubble gut phenomenon and claim that it's (and will always be) a normal part of modern bodybuilding. But guess what? It shouldn't be.

The bubble gut goes against everything that classic bodybuilding stands form. Symmetry, proportions, conditioning, and aesthetics have all been long forgotten. Modern professional bodybuilding only cares about size and freakiness. Distended stomachs are being ignored and rewarded while other legitimate and important judging criteria is being thrown out the window.

What Causes The Famous Bubble Gut?

I'm sure that after Luimarco and other influential fitness personalities flooded the web with their posts regarding the bubble guts during the Olympia weekend; fans were genuinely curious as to what really causes such a thing. If you do some quick online research you will probably stumble upon different opinions and theories.

The oldest one in the book attributes abdominal distention to Human Growth Hormone (HGH) abuse. A few of these articles claim that abusing this hormone causes the organs and abdominal muscle walls to grow and expand. Others assume that HGH has nothing to do with it and instead Insulin should be blamed.Bodybuilding Bubble GutSome bodybuilders have gone out of their way to defend and explain that it's neither growth hormone or insulin that causes the stomach issue. They claim that a distended gut is merely a normal side effect of eating way too much food before stepping on stage. Even though this theory is very easy to believe – it still doesn't manage to explain why some athletes can't avoid or get rid of it altogether.

It would be safe to assume that a distended stomach is a mix of all these issues combined. Abusing steroids, hormones, peptides, and food will definitely impact the body in a negative way. Regardless of what truly causes this condition – there's no reason behind why it should be justified on a bodybuilding stage.

Will Professional Bodybuilding Ever Change?

Professional Bodybuilding will never change because it doesn't need to in order to survive; everyone knows this. Bodybuilding is a cult sport -and there's no popular demand for it whatsoever- because it's not relatable. Watching oiled up monstrous men display their enhanced physiques in a speedo is not everyone's cup of tea.

Realistic bodybuilding fans have accepted this and know that there's absolutely no chance of it ever becoming as big as other sports. This, however, doesn't stop us from following it and accepting it for what it is. Modern bodybuilding has gotten progressively worse and the bubble gut issue is only the tip of the iceberg.

The bubble gut is only a small part of a larger issue that fans have been addressing for decades. This issue is the lack of transparent judging and favoritism towards certain athletes. If you analyze this year's Olympia competition you will see what I mean; the placings were unjustified and all over the place.

It's safe to assume that professional bodybuilding will never change and will keep being what it is. The bubble gut has been there since the 90s and will only go away as soon as drastic measures are taken. It's no secret that the sport would gain an even larger following should the judging become transparent and the best (aesthetic) physiques are rewarded.