Meet Jonathan Irizarry: The World’s Biggest Vegan Bodybuilder

Who is Jonathan Irizarry?

It’s no secret that the world of bodybuilding is home to a close-knit community that’s filled with plenty of interesting characters and personalities.

If you know a thing or two about the competitive sport, there’s a big chance that you’ve already heard of Jonathan Irizarry.

Although Jonathan is best known as one of bodybuilding’s greatest up-and-coming prospects; he’s also earned a reputation as one of the top coaches in the sport.

double biceps flex
Meet Jonathan Irizarry: The World’s Biggest Vegan Bodybuilder

As far as bodybuilding goes, he’s arguably done it all. He’s built an elite physique, he’s lifted crazy amounts of weight – and he’s come extremely close to earning professional status.

Although his monstrous physique and crazy gym lifts will give anyone enough to talk about; his bodybuilding persona is only a small part of who he actually is.

Jonathan has changed quite a bit since I first heard of him back in 2014. It’s almost hard to believe that he’s the same bodybuilder.

Jonathan flexing
Most Muscular Pose

He has slowly managed to transform the traditional bodybuilder stereotype by creating an entirely new one. To take things even further, he adopted the vegan lifestyle.

Being vegan -or vegetarian- in the bodybuilding world has been seen as controversial by many. But, Jonathan has made it a mission to prove to everyone that vegan bodybuilding is more than possible.

Competitive Accomplishments

As it was briefly mentioned, Jonathan built an elite physique worthy of professional status at a very young age.

Like many aspiring bodybuilders before him, Jonathan started his competitive journey in the NPC. In case you’re not familiar with the NPC; it’s the IFBB Pro League’s amateur division.

Jonathan Irizarry physique transformation
Jonathan Through the Years

Sooner –rather than later- he qualified for the two biggest shows in the United States; where he would compete against the best of the best, for a chance at earning professional status.

Let’s take a good look at his most notable competitive accomplishments.

2007 Europa Super Show: First Place

2008 Ronnie Coleman Classic: First Place

2009 Teen Nationals: First Place

2011 Collegiate Nationals: First Place

2015 Nationals: Third Place (Super Heavyweight)

2016 USA’s:  Fourth Place (Super Heavyweight)

2016 North Americans: Third Place (Heavyweight)

Jonathan Irizarry Stats

It’s no secret that it takes an impressive physique to even come close to winning such competitions. He’s competed against some of the best in the world and managed to come out on top.

If that’s not enough to convince you of what a beast Jonathan is – take a look at some of his stats. What’s even crazier is that he’s only getting bigger, better, and stronger.

405lb bench press
Jonathan Bench Pressing

Height: 5’8 (173cm)

Competition Weight:  225lbs (102kg)

Arms: 22 Inches (55.88 cm)

Deadlift: 765lbs x 1 (347kg)

Bench Press: 484lbs x 3 (219.5kg)

Journey to Professional Status

For a bodybuilder that competes in the IFBB’s amateur league (NPC), the ultimate goal is achieving professional status.

Once it is achieved -which is very difficult- they earn the right to compete at professional shows in order to qualify for the biggest bodybuilding competition in the world – the Mr. Olympia.

Jonathan climbed up quickly through the amateur ranks and eventually faced the toughest bodybuilders in the country (USA) for a chance at earning a pro card.

classic bicep flex
Jonathan Hitting a Classic Pose

Although he came very close to actually winning; it seemed like it still wasn’t the right time for the promising bodybuilder to join the pro ranks.

For a while, Jonathan decided to take a break from competing and shifted his focus to other things.

From his social media, we can see that he did a fair amount of traveling while having fun with his training.

Vegan friendly snack
Watermelon – The Perfect Vegan Snack?

Not long after, he surprisingly announced that he would be leaving the carnivore lifestyle behind to become 100% vegan.

Although some of his followers on social media were shocked and claimed that his bodybuilding career would suffer from his choice; others were very supportive of his decision.

Becoming the World’s Biggest Vegan Bodybuilder

Even though it’s safe to say that Jonathan didn’t build his physique on vegetables and fruits alone – he is arguably the world’s biggest vegan bodybuilder.

A lot of people chimed in on social media and claimed that his diet choices would make him lose his hard-earned muscle mass and that it would also cost him his strength levels.

Jonathan wasn’t too concerned with the comments and mentioned that he felt a lot better while doing it and that his physique would reflect these positive changes.

vegan celery drink
Jonathan Drinking Celery Juice.

To take things even further, he decided to compete again while maintaining a vegan diet; which would put his lifestyle change up to the ultimate test.

If social media is anything to go by, he looks insane. I would go as far as saying that his physique looks on par –if not better- compared to when he was practicing a traditional animal diet.

Whatever happens on contest day, he’s already proved that he could maintain and improve on his already impressive physique by limiting his caloric intake to only fruits and vegetables.

What Does the Future Hold for Jonathan Irizarry?

Even though it’s impossible to foresee what the future has in store for anyone. It’s safe to say that Jonathan will continue to make his mark in the bodybuilding world.

Jonathan Irizarry isn’t your average bodybuilder and I think that he likes to keep it that way.

Although he will probably join the bodybuilding elite in the pro ranks very soon; I’m sure that that’s not the only thing on his to-do list.

3-ingredient cookies
Vegan Cookies

Jonathan owns an impressive YouTube channel where he uploads all sorts of interesting content that revolves around training, food, and nutrition.

If you’re a vegan/vegetarian athlete, you’ll definitely want to subscribe as his videos are filled with a ton of awesome recipes and valuable information.

If you want to learn more about Jonathan, you can do so by checking out his website and social media. It’s all linked below.

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