The Importance of Supplements

The importance of supplements has been subjected to criticism over the past decade making the world wonder if they are really worth consuming. The truth of the matter is that their importance is undeniable and crucial for beginner and even top tier athletes.

The bodybuilding and fitness industry has grown more during the past decade than it ever has since it was first was born almost half a century ago. Today, countless companies have been stacking up the shelves of gyms and sports nutrition stores with an unimaginable amount of supplements that promise to deliver the world.

Ultimate OrangeOne thing that can’t be denied is the fact that even though the supplement industry as well as its market has exponentially grown, it still leaves a lot to be desired. The big brands have been toning their products down for a very long time, many because of the FDA regulations but others to save money and make more of it at the same time.

A lot of popular supplements have been diminished to only being a shadow of what they used to be, affecting the market but opening it at the same time. Let’s take pre-workout for example, many of them are good but not great, sadly the younger crowd won’t know what it was like to work out with the original ultimate orange in their system. Because of regulations this supplement was eliminated from the market and now caffeine filled products have taken its place.

Right now you’re probably wondering what the previous statements have to do with understanding the importance of supplements so let’s start explaining. The fact that a part (not all of it) of the supplement industry has been watered down creates a bad reputation for honest and reputable companies that actually give the customer what he truly wants and that’s why many question the legitimacy of these products.


How do Supplements Work?

Whoever tells you that supplements don’t work is talking nonsense, these products which can come in different shapes and sizes are created to serve one single purpose which is giving you an extra edge. Supplements alone won’t make you lean or massive; they are meant to be used alongside an intense training regimen and a well-planned diet.

Supplements are simply the finishing touch and any professional athlete or fitness icon will tell you that. A body is made in the gym and in the kitchen; supplements on the other hand give you the cherry on top. There are many types of supplements for different types of goals, let’s mention some.


-Mass Gainers

-Weight Loss


-Amino Acids


-Thermogenic Pills

Let’s use a very popular type of protein as an example. Whey is a fast digesting protein that is extracted from milk, it is recommended to be consumed after a workout to supply the body with important nutrients, helping it recover faster. The amount of nutrients that whey protein contains tends to be really high; the body will use them to grow and recover. The supplement does its job but only because it is needed after the workout. The importance of supplements is starting to make some sense now right?


What can Supplements do for me?

Protein ShakeThe answer to the previous question is really simple so let’s put it this way, what do you want the supplement to do for you? A good supplement with high quality ingredients will do just what it promises specially if your body is constantly in action at the gym and in the kitchen.

The human body is a very complex machine that needs nutrients to function, and well, supplements are packed with these. Every supplement can have a different impact on the body depending on its ingredients and the state the body is in. For example, if you are on the lighter side of the scale and are looking to gain mass you will have to look at mass gainers and not at weight loss supplements.

In order to successfully use a supplement and make it work at its maximum potential you also need to cooperate and help it work. Like it was already mentioned, supplements won’t do the entire job for you but they will make your life easier, here are few benefits supplements have to offer.

-Muscle Building

-Fat Loss

-Increasing Stamina

-Improving Mood

-Accelerated Recovery Times

-Reduced Soreness

-Intense Pumps

-Improved Cardiovascular Performance

-Improved Sex Drive

-Enhanced Testosterone Levels

-Enhances Human Growth Hormone Levels


Are they worth the investment?

Female AthleteIt all depends on what your goals are and what you’re willing to do in order to reach them. Supplements are widely used by both beginners and world class athletes from several sporting fields to enhance their look and performance. Supplements work if you make them work, for professional competitors any extra edge that they can get is a plus.

All of that said, it doesn’t matter if you’re looking to be a professional athlete of if you’re simply trying to achieve the body of your dreams, supplements can and will help you do that you desire if you hold your end of the bargain. If you already know how to correctly train and how to diet properly then you should have a problem taking advantage of all the great benefits that supplements have to offer, just remember to pick the right product for you.