Three Overrated Chest Exercises

Stop wasting time and get your chest growing by eliminating these overrated chest exercises from your workouts.

Building a big, complete, and full chest is a pretty simple task that requires time and a good mind-muscle connection.  “Experts” have constantly overcomplicated the principles of training by confusing newcomers with advice that makes little to no sense. If you’re experiencing trouble with reaching your desired pectoral development ditch the following overrated chest exercises and get ready to grow.

Cable Flyes

Cable Fly Arnold SchwarzeneggerThe first exercise in our overrated chest exercises list is the cable fly, commonly known also as the cable crossover. From a visual standpoint this exercise appears to be more effective than it truly is in all its variants; whether it’s standing, bending over or lying down on a bench. Contrary to the popular opinion which states that cable flyes work the entire chest, they don’t, as they only focus on the outer portion of the pecs while placing a lot of stress on the shoulders and rotator cuffs.

Cable flyes have been overrated ever since Arnold Schwarzenegger first appeared doing them on the famous bodybuilding movie Pumping Iron, making them a popular exercise at most gyms. If you want to maximize your chest development while avoiding any type of shoulder related injury, stick to the only fly exercise that works. The dumbbell fly stretches the chest unlike any other movement if done properly; maximizing growth in both the fast and slow twitch muscle fibers.

Decline Presses

Next on our list of overrated chest exercises is the decline press in all its variants. The decline angle is used to develop the bottom portion on the pectoral area by using the barbell, hammer strength machine or even dumbbells. Decline presses as a whole have little to no existing setbacks due to the fact that they provide an incredible isolation angle that develops the lower portion of the chest without issue.Decline Dumbbell Press

The main problem with constantly doing decline presses are the muscle imbalances that they can generate; as many experienced lifters already know, the hardest portion of the chest to develop is the upper while  the easiest is the lower. Building a strong lower chest while neglecting the rest of the pectoral area will lead to muscle imbalances and the dreaded “man boobs”. Flat and incline related movements are all that are necessary to build a strong, solid chest; if lower chest development is a concern try doing dips instead.

Push Ups

Last on our list of overrated chest exercises is the most commonly used movement amongst beginners. Push ups are used to target the overall chest muscles without using any type of equipment, they are fairly easy to do, and they are popular amongst calisthenics followers. The problem with this exercise is the lack of activation in the Overrated Chest Exercises: Push Uppectoral region that virtually renders it useless for bodybuilding hypertrophy training, not to mention that it impacts the shoulders, rotator cuffs and wrists in a negative manner.

If you want your chest to grow forget about the previous overrated chest exercises and focus on doing compound movements like flyes, presses, and dips in all their angles. Another great exercise for chest and ribcage development is the dumbbell pullover, give it a try along with the rest of our recommended exercises and get ready to take your physical development to greater heights.