Tips for a Successful Bulking Season

Building a good physique isn’t always an easy task, sacrifices must be made but the bulking season doesn’t have to be one.

In between all the new fancy and scientific dieting methods that promise to deliver incredible results there are two major approaches that have been around in bodybuilding for ages; these are known as cutting and bulking. Even though these two dieting methods (or seasons) are relatively easy to go through, many tend to make unwanted mistakes that can potentially ruin their chances at improving their physique. Today we will discuss the “easier” of the two and go into detail of what makes a successful bulking season.

Stay in Control

The first mistake that beginners do when approaching their first bulking season is losing control. For some reason the most popular misconception is that the bulking season consists of eating as much food as possible without any type of restriction. This can be potentially dangerous for many reasons, mainly generating health related issues that can have a direct and negative impact on training.Tom Platz Deep Squat

The first thing that everyone needs to do as soon as they enter the bulking season is create a plan for both training and nutrition. Bulking is bodybuilding slang for being in a caloric surplus which in return leads to easier mass gaining, now, even though there is nothing wrong with gaining weight, there is a big problem with getting too fat. It you want to have a successful bulking season, increase your calories by incrementing your macro and micronutrients in the right places.

Work Harder

Another big mistake which you want to avoid while bulking is slacking off from training. Beginners and even some experts think that the bulking season is directly related with a more relaxed style of training which is completely false. If you’re going to place your body under the pressure of eating more calories and gaining more weight, you need to do something to balance your physique out, plus it doesn’t hurt to keep you overall health in check.Arnold Schwarzenegger Mirror

Take the bulking season as an opportunity to eat more but also to train harder. If you slowly start gaining weight in a controlled manner and train harder while doing so, your body will have no choice but to grow in every way imaginable. Another thing that beginners and even some professional bodybuilders do is eliminate cardio from their routine. Killing cardio from your training will slow down your metabolism, your cardiovascular health will decline and fat gain will be accelerated, the only way to have a healthy bulking season is by doing a hefty amount of cardio, never forget that.

Take your time

Our last tip for this article regarding the famous bulking season is a bit more philosophical in comparison to our previous advice. For many years experts on bodybuilding have said that “Bodybuilding is a marathon and not a race”, bodybuilding understood as the process of building one’s physique to personal perfection.

Bob Paris 1980'sIt doesn’t really matter if you are cutting, bulking or even trying to hit that 315lb bench press; it all takes time and hard work. A lot of guys and girls like to bulk for six months and lean out for the reminder of the year, leading many beginners into believe that this is the only way to go about the bulking season.

You can bulk or lean out for as long as you want but always listen to your body; if you feel too light don’t cut, if you feel too heavy begin leaning out. There is no set roadmap for how to go about this “confusing” process; everyone is different, what works for you won’t work for someone else.

Many successful bodybuilders took up to three or four years of training and bulking before they even considered cutting, others lean out in a one year frame instead of six months. At the end of the day you need to take your time and listen to what your body needs and not what your mind thinks.