Who Will Make a Splash at the 2018 Classic Physique Olympia?

The 2018 Classic Physique Olympia

The 2018 classic physique Olympia is just around the corner and fans from all around the world are fired up to see the best of the best battle it out in Vegas.

Breon Ansley is looking to defend his title for the first time ever; as he gets ready to face the most challenging lineup in the short history of the newly-created bodybuilding class.

The growing division has seen athletes from all sorts of competitive backgrounds join the classic movement that has successfully managed to shine a new light on the sport.

top classic physique competitors

Aesthetics, proportions, conditioning, and posing are just a few of the aspects that have made the classic division a worldwide phenomenon.

This year, in particular, we’ve witnessed the rise of a new generation of bodybuilders that have one goal in mind; which is winning the Classic Physique Olympia title.

Let’s take a look at some of the top athletes who will be fighting for this year’s Classic Physique Olympia crown.

David Hoffman

If we could turn back the clock to the 70s and drop off David Hoffman at the original gold’s gym – it's safe to say that he would manage to fit right in.

Although he turned pro as an open bodybuilder, David is the perfect representation of what classic bodybuilding should be.

Every single aspect of his physique screams classic. His symmetry, conditioning, and posing are all truly a sight to behold.

David Hoffman Bodybuilder

David earned his Olympia qualification by winning the 2018 San Marino Pro. Although, he also won the 2018 Veronica Gallego Pro, shortly after.

His wins came after a disappointing placing at the New York Pro; where plenty of fans felt that he was overlooked and misplaced.

The German bodybuilder will undoubtedly be one to watch as he strives to place among the elite top six at this first-ever Olympia appearance.

Arash Rahbar

Arash Rahbar has all the potential in the world needed to win the classic physique Olympia title. But, you probably already knew that.

Arash is famously known for being one of the hardest workers in the gym and for building one of the best physiques that have ever stepped on the classic Olympia stage.

His physique will always stand out in any lineup because of how balanced, proportional, shredded, and dense it is.

Arash Rahbar

In 2016, he came extremely close to winning the title; only being bested by the winner Danny Hester. In 2017, he dropped down to fourth – as Breon Ansley took the win.

This year has been a completely different story, as Arash came very close to defeating Breon at the Arnold Classic.

Conditioning has never been an issue for Arash, but maintaining fullness has. If he can find a balance between both; he will be pushing Breon for the top spot.

Wesley Vissers

Welcome to vintage genetics… is what you probably hear in your head every time Wesley Vissers is mentioned.

The young athlete has been compared to Arnold Schwarzenegger on several occasions and is one of modern bodybuilding’s most promising figures.

Wesley is young, driven, and has managed to build one of most impressive physiques that the sport has seen in recent times.

Wesley Vissers

His aesthetics, proportions and classic posing make him an extremely dangerous competitor on any bodybuilding stage – including the Olympia.

The 25-year-old Dutch athlete qualified for the Olympia showdown by winning the 2018 Chicago Pro. This, shortly after earning professional status at the Royal London Pro, a few months prior.

If Wesley can bring up his legs a bit more and improve his back –which he’s already doing- it will be very hard for anyone to stop him from winning the ultimate title.

Regan Grimes

Regan Grimes turned pro as an open bodybuilder by winning the 2016 Arnold Classic Brazil. He also made his pro debut (2017) in the open and managed to place top six at every single one of the contests that he participated in.

After a controversial offseason in which he bulked up to 300lbs – he announced that his next show would be the 2018 New York Pro.

After hinting at possibly competing in the classic division; he later announced that he would most likely be doing the open.

Regan Grimes Bodybuilding

In a shocking turn of events, Regan made weight and dropped down to the classic division. Even more shocking was the fact that he won the event.

Although some people have been quick to criticize his physique and claim that he’s better suited for the open division – I have to disagree because I believe that he can do both.

If Regan manages to nail his conditioning and improve on his posing – he most definitely has the ability to make the top six and be in the running for the classic title.

Chris Bumstead

Chris Bumstead is truly a rare breed of athlete, and one of the sport’s most brilliant prospects.

He earned professional status as an open bodybuilder by winning the heavyweight class at the 2016 IFBB North American Championships; only to announce his switch to classic shortly after.

As a classic physique competitor, he moved on to win the 2017 Toronto Pro – which would qualify him for that year’s Olympia; where he placed a close second to Breon Ansley.

Chris Bumstead

Chris is a very dangerous competitor that’s difficult to beat. His insane lines, symmetry, and proportions are those of a classic/open hybrid bodybuilder.

He’s always full, he’s always conditioned, and he has perfected the art of posing. His only true weak points are arm size and back thickness; which he’s prioritized since his last showing.

If Chris managed to bring up his weak areas and shows up at the Olympia with his signature conditioning – it will be very difficult for anyone to stop him from taking the title back to Canada.

Stanimal De Longeaux

Stanimal is the dark horse going into this year's Classic Physique Olympia. He has the physique, he has the conditioning, and he's ready to make a statement.

Training out of Gold's Gym Venice, Stanimal is leaving no stone unturned as he gets ready to battle with the best of the best – for a chance at becoming the number one classic bodybuilder in the world.

Even though “classic” is a very subjective term when it comes to bodybuilding – there's nothing subjective about Stanimal's physique.

Stanimal Classic Physique

His lines, proportions, conditioning, and posing make him an extremely dangerous competitor that should never be underestimated.

Above all of that, Stanimal ha a lot of heart and is truly passionate about the sport of bodybuilding. I predict that he will shock a lot of people on that Olympia stage and will be in the running for a top spot.

For this very reason, he's our dark horse and our pick to make the biggest splash at the 2018 Mr. Olympia.

Breon Ansley

As of today, the number-one-threat for the Olympia title is no one other than the reigning champion – Breon Ansley.

Breon’s physique is truly a piece of art that embodies the golden era of bodybuilding, down to perfection.

A small waist, world-class back, and insane muscle bellies are just a few of the countless qualities that earned him the right to call himself the Mr. Olympia Classic Champ.

Breon Ansley

It's worth mentioning that Breon also won the inaugural classic physique title at the Arnold Sports Festival that was held in March.

As far as posing goes, Breon is a master at showcasing his physique and is (therefore) one the best posers in the entire IFBB.

It goes without saying that all of the qualified athletes are going to have their hands full when the champ walks out on stage at this year's Olympia.


The 2018 Classic Physique Olympia will easily be one of the most competitive divisions in the entire contest.

This year's competition -just like the ones before it- will definitely be one to remember as every single athlete on the roster is ready to bring their best.

In my opinion, the athletes that the article revolves around will be fighting for the top spots. This, based on previous showings and their momentum leading into the show.

classic physique competitors

No matter what happens on game day, every athlete that qualified for the Olympia has earned the right to step on that stage and compete for a chance at becoming the best in the world.

All that's left to do is wait and let the chips fall where they may.

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