Will Kai Greene Compete at the 2017 Olympia?

Will we see Kai Greene compete at the 2017 Olympia?

The 2017 Olympia has just become a lot more interesting now that Kai Greene has received a special invitation from the IFBB. Fans can’t help but wonder if “The Predator” will actually come back to the world’s largest bodybuilding stage and fight for a chance of taking the title away from Phil Heath. Others don’t share the same opinion and have no expectations regarding Kai’s possible return. No matter what happens, the 2017 Mr. Olympia will truly be one to remember.

Kai Greene vs Phil Heath

A few years back, the Olympia was home to the Heath-Greene rivalry that ended way too soon. Opinions were split 50/50 with one side of the public cheering Kai Greene on, while the rest were backing up the reigning champ. Even though Phil Heath was victorious on every single occasion, some Kai Greene fans believe that their favorite bodybuilder should’ve won at least one Olympia title.

The last time we saw Kai compete was during his 2016 Arnold Classic run where he managed to solidify himself as a true contender for the Olympia title. Since then, his attention has shifted towards other ventures outside of bodybuilding – all of which have proven to be extremely successful. With the amount of exposure and success that he has received, we have to ask ourselves, does it really matter if Kai Greene competes ever again?

Kai Greene 2017 Arnold Classic Winner

At this moment, everything we are seeing online regarding his competition plans, are just rumors. Most opinions are pointing to the fact that Kai will likely never compete again, but, if this were true, why is he always in incredible shape? If he decides to compete, he has nearly 12 weeks to get ready and battle it out with the world’s best bodybuilders.

The 2017 Mr. Olympia is going to be filled with a lot of talented athletes that have an equal opportunity to solidify themselves in history. As fans we should know that predicting the outcome of a contest is impossible, but, it still doesn’t keep us from guessing and cheering on all our favorite competitors. It was briefly announced during the 2016 Men’s Open finals that this year’s Olympia production will be the biggest ever. That alone will be something that all bodybuilding fans will be really looking forward to.

Kai Greene Epic Posing

I want to end this short article by saying that Kai is a bodybuilder, and a bodybuilder’s ultimate goal/dream is to win the Mr. Olympia. Whether such feat is still on his mind or not, I think we can all agree that he would have a legitimate chance to win the title if he so chooses to do so. His presence at this year’s super bowl of bodybuilding would make it especially exciting and the best in a long time.

Let’s not forget that 12 weeks is a very long time and a lot could happen. Las year Kevin Levrone’s comeback gave the fans an awesome experience. How cool would it be if Kai surprises everyone and shows up out of nowhere to compete and challenge the Olympia lineup for the title? No matter what he decides to do, the weeks leading up to the contest will be nothing short of exciting.